agava design

pure assure

Here’s a first look at the new brand identity we designed for Pure Assure, valued for it’s strong women’s leadership and quality of service. Pure Assure is dedicated to helping families, business owners, employees and customers stay safe and healthy. They provide affordable, high-quality services and products to keep your air, water and surfaces clean and pure.
Pure Assure asked us to create a new brand identity that reflects their quality of service and elevates their brand profile. In doing so we created a new logo through a pattern of dots to represent air and water molecules. As a whole, the dot patterns personify a gust of air and a water drop. Shades of blue and purple were then used to compliment the pure and clean feel of the brand’s personality. To enhance the visual language, we included 3D graphics, animations, illustrations, billboards and other brand products to showcase the logo’s versatility.