agava design

Project Clients:

Team NIL, Korey Foreman, WCA


December 17, 2020

Our partner, Team NIL, asked us to create a brand identity, fashion collection, and stadium gear concepts for Korey Foreman – the #1 football recruit in the country. We were given a two-week deadline to complete all of this for NBC Sports’ filming of the All American Bowl Declaration Day sponsored by Geico.

The brand name K4 was given to us by Korey’s father who named each of his 4 sons with the letter K. To provide a designer element to the brand we added “by Foreman” to the end. We blended high-fashion-inspired streetwear with the tiger-like alter-ego of Korey “Hollywood” Foreman. Our aim was to give Korey’s audience a superhuman-filled world with a tasteful approach to saving mankind. The K4 comic superhero of Korey Foreman gives viewers a look into who he becomes when he steps on the field and beyond. The K4 brand combines that world with high-fashion streetwear essentials and athletic silhouettes. The purpose of the clothing brand is to give people the inspiration to create a better world, activate their greater self, and save mankind from lesser thinking. #4mankind

3D Models: We created 3D models of Korey in 5 days from only the images we were given of him. The 3D models feature his tiger tattoo, dread details, facial features, and an essential t-shirt clothing concept.

Wearable Dreads: We developed a wearable dreads concept for fans to feel like him during the game. Below you’ll see the sketch we created for this ideation.

Lastly, we created a lunch bag packaging concept to go with his comic theme and added a care label graphic design concept for the inside branding of his apparel.

Korey Foreman Alter Ego Sketch
Korey Foreman's alter ego sketch.
Korey Foreman's alter ego finished illustration
Korey Foreman's alter ego finished illustration.